Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

About us

Farenidham Manpower Solution a Recruitment & Contract/Permanent Staffing company, and we have successfully recruited professional for the countries including: Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, DR Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Sierra Leone etc. And we have been recognized as the most trusted recruitment and staffing company.

We recruit professional across all types of Industries and Functions such as:
Farenidham Manpower Solutions understand that the requirements of each client are unique, so we provide fresh perspective & experienced talent of professionals to provide a high degree of solutions. We work for almost every sector for Human Resources requirements.


We understand the science of success. Our ground breaking Four-Dimensional Executive Assessment provides the most holistic perspective on the market today – covering candidates’ competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, as well as the experiences that are aligned to the role. Our database is deep. Our diagnostics are based on 6 million candidate profiles and 13 million assessment records spanning industry, job function, and organizational level.

We know the market. Only Farenidham Manpower Solution embeds job grading, job description, and salary benchmarking into the executive search process through our proprietary Executive Snapshot process, giving clients confidence not only that they are choosing the right candidate, but also offering them a competitive reward package based on the role’s unique level and requirements.

We deliver results. Farenidham Manpower Solution committed to only deliver desired output to its existing and future prospect within time frame.

Our innovative strategy
Our Mission

We are a professional, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to providing professional HR Consulting Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that help our worldwide customers become more productive and profitable.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner. Through our One-Stop HR Shop we are your Professional HR Partner with healthy and long relationship.

Core Values

  • Commitment:-We are dedicated to the success of our clients, partners and to one another.
  • Continuous Learning:-We are constantly expanding our skillset so that we are equipped with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and finding new ways to add value to our clients.
  • Communication:-We believe in transparent and honest communication and creating a culture of transparency.
  • Excellent Customer Service:-We must always provide the highest level of customer service. We do this by being courteous, prompt and finding the right solution.
  • Honesty:-We must always be honest. If we make a mistake we must own it, admit it and correct it.
  • Integrity:-We represent consistent ethical and moral standards through our words, deeds and actions.
  • Quality:- We provide customized innovative and strategic solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our work must consistently demonstrate products and deliverables of the highest quality.
  • Trust:- We respect the needs of our clients and our colleagues. We are committed to consistently striving for the trust of clients by meeting our commitments and keeping our word.